GranitiFiandre S.p.A. is a leading manufacturer of high range full-body porcelain stoneware present in over 110 countries throughout the world with a wide choice of solutions for floor and wall claddings which range from the contract to the wellness and residential industry, and from the medical to the leisure industry, responding to all building and living requirements.

    GranitiFiandre, through the Fiandre Architectural Surfaces brand, continues with undeniable success along a path marked by new goals to reach, consolidating its business in all the markets acquired over the years, creating a widespread network of showrooms which became leading-edge examples for the world of architecture. Its commitment is based on over 50 years of history, during which quality, skills and innovation went hand in hand, leading the company to a predominant market position. Fiandre Architectural Surfaces was strongly motivated towards its connotation as an innovative brand of GranitiFiandre, with high technological content and forward-looking vision, resulting in the Maximum collection, big formats up to 3000×1500 mm.

    The constant updating of the technological tools combined with the attention to the end users have led the way to the sustainable policy of the company, achievements of which are LEED and BREEAM compliant materials and  Active Clean Air and Antibacterial Ceramic ™, Eco active finish with antipollution and antibacterial properties.