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    Kreoo is an Italian company that realizes furniture and accessories with high design level for architecture, interiors and outdoors.

    Born in 2010, on the basis of the 50-year-long experience by Decormarmi, Kreoo has established itself as an independent brand, internationally recognized, interpreting an unexplored dimension of the marble item and managing in exalting its sensual and secret soul: in Kreoo marble can be combined with other materials such as wood, glass or metal, creating new shapes and thicknesses and giving new functionalities to the objects of our daily lives.
    The name Kreoo has a precise reference to the Greek verb kraino meaning “to create, to realize”:  from Ancient Greece, Kreoo draws the instinct for perfection and harmony and translate it, in Italy, into a contemporary, aesthetic and innovative vocabulary.

    The company already offers a wide collection, flexible systems declined in high seduction pieces that, in some cases, have become icons of the brand, such as Gong washbasin, Pavè Stone seats or Arcaico table.